Friday, March 27, 2015

It's Been a Tough Winter

  • imageIt's been a tough winter. All that snow and ice and blizzards to keep track of in the north, my friends were overwhelmed digging their cars out of glaciers only to spin their way to work, worry about how awful the roads would be later when darkness complicates visibility and whatever has floated down from the sky during the day will have laid down another sheet of ice on top of the 10 already there. Will there be any milk or bread left in the store, more urgently, will the liquor store be open?

Truth to tell, I feel kind of bad not having shared it with them. Turns out I picked the right winter to jump ship and head south, at least there is that to be grateful for. I am also glad to be near mom & dad, it's nice to hop in the car and drive over to see them any time I want, we spent the holidays together without the usual push and shove involved in airline travel, except for my brother who, bless his heart, decided to fly down from his NJ home via stand-by two days before Christmas Day. He traveled half the country, ended up within a hundred miles of where he started from before finally catching the last seat on the plane that got him here. We had a blast, one of the funnest Christmases I have had in a long time but you can always count on fun with Harry around.
I get the Snowbird thing. My worst day for being cold was having to zip up my jacket while walking the dog. I was offended at the the fleece jackets for sale at Walmart, why would you buy winter coats in southwest Florida where it's chilly for 48 hours? I even witnessed some morning walkers WEARING MITTENS, you've got to be kidding, I wanted to say, take those things off, buck up. We flat-out refused to turn the heat on in our rental house. I am northern-tough, I have battled my way through countless winters, dug my car out of snowbanks, claimed my parking spot with a garbage can and broom so no one else would take it for the duration, slipped and slided and have fallen on my head on black ice, believe me when I tell you, I did not miss those things in the winter of 2015, the worst the northeast has ever seen. I would join the snowbirds if I could.
But the winter is over now. I am going back north. And taking advantage of all the winter clothing sales to prepare for the winter of 2016.
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